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Parents and Friends of Ex-Straights & Straights

Supporting the right of heterosexuals to choose change!

Welcome to Parents and Friends of Ex-Straights and Straights (PFOXS)!

This website was established to provide hope, support and facts for those whose lives have been touched by heterosexuality. Your opposite-sex-attracted friend or child has a community. Opposite-sex-attracted people have marriage rights. They can visit an injured spouse in the hospital and make decisions for a disabled spouse. They can file taxes jointly. They are welcomed in their churches. We at PFOXS have answers and resources to help you understand the opposite sex attractions that have made these privileges possible for your friend or family member.

We must let our loved ones with opposite sex attractions know we love them unconditionally. We must reaffirm constantly that the freedoms and privileges that they suffer daily are not their fault.  As responsible parents and friends of opposite-sex-attracted persons, we must seek the facts and continue to love unconditionally, without having to affirm their heterosexual behavior.

And really, why should we? Society already does this. Why should we bend over backwards to welcome a son's girlfriend or a friend's husband when every social institution in our great country already does so? We do not have to approve of everything our children or friends do. "Approval" is not real love. "Approval" is a weakness that the strong individuals who force themselves to tolerate heterosexual behavior can do without. True love is loving in spite of our differences and treating each other with a grudging kindness and respect.

No one is born straight. All scientific studies, including those by straight scientists, show that human beings are born as babies. Ex-straights are living proof that heterosexual orientation is not fixed permanently. People can and do make the decision every day to avoid unwanted opposite sex attractions. Men watch male athletes perform amazing team sports while women put on fashion shows with each other to "show off their new outfits".

Join us in our journey for tolerance, justice, and understanding. You did not ask to be straight. PFOXS is committed to helping you and your tolerant loved ones find the kind of peace that only comes when you, the heterosexual, make the choice to change.

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